Congratulations to one of our

Personal Trainers

Tonya Shull

on her big win!

IFBB 1st Place Overall

Pro Status!

Tonya1 2013


Need Some Help?  Just ask...

Our Personal Trainers are experienced, well educated and are available from open to close.  When it comes to working out, the friendly encouragement of one of our Personal Trainers can help you take your fitness to the next level. 

Meet our Trainers:

Boyd Fields - Specializes in Strength Training, Lean Muscle Building, Circuit Training, Nutritional Programs and Contest Preparation.

Clem Berger - Specilaizes in Strength, Core, H.I.T. Training, Plyometrics and Circuit Training

Tonya Shull - Specializes in Strength Training, Muscular Development and Circuit Training.

Jessica Stamper - Specializes in Interval Training, Core Strength and Stretch/Balance.

Mark Wolf - Specializes in Interval Training, Core, Balance, Flexibility and TRX Training.

Brandi Burridge - Specializes in Strength Training and has a Competitive Gymnastics background.



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Get Forum Fit!